Tuesday Tips : Reasons why you should consider a Beach Wedding

Only a few months left and you’re about to get married to the love of your life. But still, beyond the excitement and anticipation there’s still that fear that silently crept into your heart and that’s because you still can’t decide whether to opt for a church, garden or a beach wedding. So for all the confused and agitated brides out there, here are the reasons why is it always a beautiful idea to go for beach weddings.

1.  It’s easier to spot a venue – We can’t deny that Philippines is one of the most blessed countries in the world, and that’s because we have a lot of natural and untouched resources to offer.  And that includes the beautiful beaches that surrounds all parts of our country. With that being said, it’s a lot easier for the couples to spot a venue for their wedding day, whether they want it here at Manila, or at province area. They have a lot of beaches to choose from and they won’t find it difficult to book a venue, that’s for sure.

2. The Romantic View  –  With the deep blue sea water, soft and refined white sand plus the captivating warm glow of the sun, surely it’s a scene to behold. Isn’t it perfect and ideal to go for a sunset beach wedding? Of course it is.

3. Easy to decorate – With the bewitching and natural view that’s in front of you, you surely won’t need to add more decorations. Just a bit of light bulbs, candles or even a small portion of floral decorations then you’re good to go.

4. Intimate Wedding – If you’re aiming for an intimate wedding then beach weddings will surely fit the description. Maybe it’s the sand, the wind or that revitalizing feeling of being with the nature but regardless of that we can’t deny how romantic and intimate beach weddings are.

5. Best for Photos –  The natural and light glow of the nature can surely be captured dramatically through a series of photos. The couple won’t need to exert much effort to look for a perfect spot. With the sea and the sun, that’s already a perfect backdrop.

Photo from : Paopao Sanchez Photo, Manny and April Photography and Vince Chiu Photo


A Beaming Union

Happy Monday my beloved readers, it’s the start of the workweek again. To shed some light and inspiration this busy Monday morning, I’m here to manifest you the beaming union of our dearest couple, Kim and  Ritchie.

As shown in the photos, It’s true that you will never go wrong once you chose light hues for your wedding. With a salmon pink bridesmaids dress and our bride’s white flowy deep-neck sweetheart gown with gorgeous back details, they all surely looked dazzling. The way Foreveryday Photography captured this union in a light aspect, fairly contributed to the elegance and refinement of the wedding. The colorful combination of fresh blooms also give life and refreshing feeling. Scroll down and see for yourself.

Photo : Foreveryday Photography | Video : Vidlens |  Church : St. Stephen’s Parish | Reception : Conrad Manila | Bridal Gown : Cara Kho | Groom’s Suit : JC Ulanday | Female Entourage Gowns : Audwin Lee | Male Entourage Suits : Vir Serrano | Invitations : Global Invitations | Florist : Red Beri  and Tropical Blooms | Host/Emcee : Jerome Go | Wedding Cake : Vivienne Ng (bride’s close friend) | Hair & Make-Up : Anna Co-Uy | Coordinator : Celebrations by Marianne Chua | Band : Manila Wedding Singers and Strings | Photobooth : Epic Moments Photobooth| Led Wall : Mediacast Digital Events |