Tip Tuesday: 10 Fun Date Ideas While Planning Your Wedding

Planning your wedding can be taxing and exhausting, but who says you can’t take a break and do fun dates together while counting down the days until the big day? No one. Taking yourselves out for a date revitalizes you and flushes all your worries and stress out of your mind and body. It unwinds the both of you and may strengthen your relationship even more. Hence today, we present to you 10 fun date ideas you might want to consider:

Photo by One Happy Story

1. Breakfast Date: Taking each other out for a dinner date is common already, thus why not have a breakfast date instead? Even more so, why not prepare and cook each other’s favorite breakfast meal? After all, breakfast is a powerful way to start your morning before you deal with your wedding errands.
2. Exercise Together: Speaking of starting your day right, exercising together is a good idea and will bring you two closer. There are fitness gyms, nowadays, that offer different classes, especially if both of you don’t like lifting weights. You may try zumba, indoor spinning and rowing, and even crossfit.

3. Climbing: If you are interested in a high adrenaline activity, take your relationship to new heights on indoor wall/rock climbing.
4. Flying Trapeze: If climbing bores you, flying trapeze might do well for you then. This is another way of taking your relationship higher. Fly and hold each other hands tight.
5. Archery: Another interesting activity is taking archery classes. Channel your inner Katnis and Pita characters and aim for a bull’s eye.

6. Painting: Unleash your creative side by expressing your emotions in abstract forms. This activity may calm your mind and spirit. Or better yet, go to Sip and Gogh and replicate one of Van Gogh’s masterpieces while sipping a glass of wine.
7. Escape Room: Sharpen your minds and problem-solving skills by taking some escape room tests. There are plenty of escape rooms in the metro already and there are several themes to choose from.
8. Amusement Park: Feel like to be kids again? Why not take your fiancée to amusement parks? For sure, both of you will have a fun day together.

9. Weekend Getaway: If you have more than a day to spare, get your keys and drive to the nearest town or beach. Unwind and relax.
10. Take a Nice Walk: Nothing beats taking your loved one for a nice low-key walk. Imagine walking in a nice environment with hands held tight, while going down the memory lane. It’s romantic and can be a bit emotional.


A Couple Who Perfectly Imitate Korean Drama Posters For Their Esesh, So Basically They Win

Most of us are fans of Korean dramas. Oh yes, raise your hands! Thus, we’re so fond when we saw Krizka Del Rosario‘s post on her Facebook account. And here’s what she did best:

“My brother and his Fiancée did a k-drama inspired prenup shoot of their fave dramas, so I took the liberty of editing them and replicating the drama’s posters/images)”

Original photos by: Tintoi Dimaguila of Thee Creation Media
K-drama logos: Goblin (tvN) and Descendants of the Sun (KBS)
Edited by: Krizka Del Rosario