Should You Pay For Your Own Bachelorette Party?

We know you missed us. We’re not able to blog for about two days because we’re super busy preparing for something new to offer to all of you guys. Exciting? Absolutely!

Anyway, shower parties are already embedded in the wedding culture. It serves as the passing right for a bride-to-be as she moves from single-hood to the exciting and challenging life of marriage. Most often than not, friends of the bride, or the so-called bridesmaids, hold surprised party for the bride-to-be. But, as a common practice nowadays, the bride-to-be joins the bevy of girls even from the planning stage just to have the most perfect bridal shower party. The question that lingers recently though is, how much should the bride pay for it?

The most basic answer to this beguiling question is with another question: how much are you willing to pay to stage your own party? Do you allot a budget for it? And does your groom-to-be agree to it? These are the questions you could ask yourself before you call your besties, momshies, titas of Manila, and mares for a party.

There’s no single formula or calculation for you to find the answer, but you can always stay within your means. If you only have enough money to spare, then do not push yourself and aim for a bigger party. If you could just spend for a wine and cheese night, then go for it. Who needs a macho dancer if you have a dashing prince waiting for you in the altar, anyway, right?

Maintaining a good communication with your friends could also ease your worries. Plan with them and maybe you can politely ask them about their plans and the things they can shoulder. After all, it’s their party as well.

Photo: Foreveryday Photography

A Bliss Wedding in Davao

Allan & Yhora got recently married and today, we get to sneak peek at this mesmerizing celebration. With the help of The Organic Studio, these adorable stills were made available for all our eyes to feast on. And this team didn’t disappoint as they became true to their name to give us this story in an organic, natural way.

Each photo is light and free from blemishes, but it didn’t not fail to capture every emotion present in those moments. At the same time, the stills show us how this couple held back a little bit and decided for non-extravagant things like opting for a simple mermaid-cut wedding dress and a barong tagalog.

Ceremony: St. Paul Church / Reception: Marco Polo Hotel / Photo: The Organic Studios / Video: Monochrome Studio / Flowers and Styling: Cameo Flowers & Events by Jade Polizon / Gown: K Davao by Erwin Lee Tan / HMUA: Wyndell Samuya / Host: Don Gonzalez / Coordination: EM Events by Eric Cagatin