Power of Love

Remember the news when a party list representative popped the question to his girlfriend during a plenary session in the congress? They are married now! And their wedding has been a regal one. Ashley and Paz’ coming together was expectedly well-attended by powerful people and high officials in the government. You can see, in fact, that some of the groom’s comrades were in their uniforms, expressing power, respect, and brotherhood. But, of course, the entourage and guests were all glammed up in coral and powder blue motif, giving a light mood to the event.

The groom, who is usually seen wearing barongs during sessions, looked better in tuxedo. Whereas the bride was dazzling in Jazel Sy-Midel’s creation which has stones and beads strewn all over. They proved that they are a power couple, indeed. The wedding also served as a sweet treat for Marvin of 12Masters Photography who took these amazing photos and who is a supporter of Congressman Ashley and the Magdalo group. Hats off to you, Marvin!

Let us also not forget the dreamy same-day-edit video done by Treehouse Story. It captures truthful, sincere moments, making us feel the overflowing joy this union has been. Also, the scoring is spot on. It started with a Temper Trap-ish song, then went slowly before zooming out to an aerial shot. That is magnificent, no less!


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Wedding Coordination: Rhed Events by Rhed Sarmiento / Make Up: Pong Niu / Gown: Jazel Sy-Midel / Videographer: Treehouse Story / Photographer: The 12Masters Photography / Reception: The Monochrome

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring us on your post! We do hope that the bride and the groom have enjoyed their reception at The Monochrome.

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