Of Colors and of Love

It is Monday again and we know that blue is your least favorite color. Fret no more as we feature a very colorful engagement shoot of Jesse and Mildred. This is, nonetheless, helmed by Team Benitez Photo whose concepts are vivid and beguiling. We know how fun this shoot has been, but we are loving this shoot even more because of the props—the colored powder, umbrella, kite, and balloons. These become more than accessories. It mirrors the colorful relationship this pair has and how bright their future will be together.

What we also love about this shoot is the setting. This is in Stilts Calatagan, Batangas, which is just a drive away from the bustling city of Manila. The place is as interesting as the shoot. It is good to see the lovely pair strike poses in the mangrove-like location. And the photos wherein the sun rays are beaming from the back of the pair and the sea mirrors the sky look majestic, don’t they? We are totally digging for more Team Benitez Photo.

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Photographer: Team Benitez Photo / Gown: Mel Orlina / Hair and Make Up: Franco Chavez / Location: Stilts Calatagan Batangas

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