White Balloons

To all couples who are getting hitched, you do not need a fancy or an extravagant location for your prenuptial shoots. Sometimes, it only takes a small inverted studio, a hole-in-the-wall restaurant in your neighborhood, or even a craggy, hipster-like lane to get that shot you’ve been dreaming for for your e-session. These places would certainly do especially if coupled with the mad skills of the photographer and his team. Learn from Jayson Chavez of Shootme Studio who took these beautiful photos from Lawrence and Clare’s prenuptial shoot, then.

You will see the creativity that the whole team, together with the couple, has poured into this project. An unknown street in Quezon City was the backdrop of some of the photos, and you have to admit it, that street became a honeymoon boulevard. Also, we have found ourselves baffled—in a good way—with those chalk calligraphies and doodles in the walls of Backyard Grill. It makes us want to hurry and go straight to this pub and take photos. Lastly, we cannot be mesmerized enough by the shot with white balloons. It implies a mixture of cuteness and oddness.

IMG_3079 IMG_3089 IMG_3090 IMG_3109 IMG_3144 IMG_3150 IMG_3155 IMG_3158 IMG_3170 IMG_3181 IMG_3184 IMG_3206 IMG_3207 IMG_3212 IMG_3213 IMG_3214 IMG_3228 IMG_3235 IMG_3241 IMG_3244 IMG_3255 IMG_3258 IMG_3262 IMG_3268 IMG_3269 IMG_3273 IMG_3278 IMG_3289 IMG_3301 IMG_3314 IMG_3319 IMG_3322 IMG_3323 IMG_3325 IMG_3333 IMG_3336 IMG_3337 IMG_3338 IMG_3339 IMG_3346 IMG_3352 IMG_3354 IMG_3358 IMG_3362 IMG_3381 IMG_3421 IMG_3422 IMG_3449 IMG_3455 IMG_3457 IMG_3471 IMG_3476 IMG_3479

Photographer: Shootme Studio  / Styling: Couples own. Wall art & stuff. / Hair & Make Up: Pam Robes / Location: Shootme Studio, Backyard Grill Banawe & a street somewhere in Banawe, Q.C.

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