Turning Japanese

Tokyo — the well-known bustling capital of Japan and famous for its vibrant fashion scene and sumptuous food scene is the setting for our featured wedding today. It has been the destination not just for pleasure but also for wedding and engagement shoots nowadays since the place is really modernly and culturally beautiful. With that, let’s take a look at the stills snapped by Mayk Pericon Photography from the union of Paul and Richelle, which I am sure would make you want to book a ticket to Japan in an instant.

Mayk Pericon Photography excellently captured our hearts with his quirky but refined shots of Paul and Richelle  around the world’s most populous metropolis. Coinciding with the shoot is the Cherry Blossom season which perfectly complemented the hip and refined styling of our couple. Of course, it would be a shame if they’re in Tokyo and they wouldn’t take a shot in “The Scramble”, which we all know as the busy Shibuya crossing. Thankfully, they were able to do that to a T. We can only imagine how they did that. We won’t be holding you back anymore. Go and turn Japanese!

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Photographer: Mayk Pericon Photography / Location: Tokyo, Japan / Videographer: SKT Digital Production / Wedding Coordinator: Simple Special Wedding and Events by Tin Tin Panes /  Hair and Make Up: Carlos Durana /  Flowers: A Melvins Touch / Host: Cyrus Alcala

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