Their Big Fat Greek Post Wedding

Many of us have dreamt of a fairytale-like wedding; a wedding that is one-in-a-lifetime event. Of course, it also comes with our dreams of having a grand yet meaningful trip to the honeymoon boulevard. While Philippines has several great romantic destinations, many of us dream of a honeymoon in foreign lands. Some dreams of a cruise in the Mediterranean waters. Some has been aching to having a run under the cherry blossoms in Japan or walking under the basking sun in the architectural, classic streets of Europe. Just like us, Lexter and Maripet have dreamt of their own honeymoon and have successfully turned it to reality.

This couple has never wasted any moment. They packed their things and flew to the Greek islands, where oceans are inviting and surrounding the rocks and whites. The honeymoon was turned into a photoshoot as Metrophoto snapped one after another. Metrophoto never failed to give an ample amount of drama that worked very well particularly in this session. See the photos as this couple was turned into modern Greek god and goddess having a smooth sail.

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Photographer: Metrophoto

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