Special Feature: Kanvas Inc — Photographed Memories

It was Heraclitus who said it best that, ‘The only thing that is constant is change.’ While it holds true, one can also say that everything in this world changes, people change, but memories don’t. These memories, moreover, might be translated to images that can last — memories from any given time throughout one’s entire life. These are photographed memories.

With the evolution of cameras and as well as the photos itself, Kanvas Inc keeps up with these innovation and is now known for keeping priceless memories by offering canvas printing in the Philippines. That sounds good, especially now that you can keep family histories, triumphant moments, and momentous events like your wedding in a woven fabric. You may have your favorite shot from you engagement shoot or your most memorable moment on your wedding day printed by Kanvas Inc and hang it up to your wall.

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