Starting Point: Top Prenup Stylists in the Philippines

Prenup or engagement shoot is now becoming a part of the wedding event in the Philippines. It is slowly becoming a tradition. It is as if every couple wants to have an engagement session or photoshoot days or weeks before the big day. This session, moreover, seems like a starting point where their journey to the wedding and towards married life begins.

Thus today, we bring to you the top prenup stylists in the country. They are the top of minds and the most in demand. These stylists are surely making big waves and rocking the wedding scene, nowadays. Here are your stylists you should look out for:

If your looking for an event stylist who willingly gives more than what is expected, then Wanderlust Productions is the one. They are know for making a magic while remaining the class.

This next stylist has already marked her name in the wedding scene. No other stylist who can bring back the olden times and reinvent it to create classic sets and backdrops than Moki Gray. Mostly inspired by written poetry, Moki Gray “specializes in vintage and time worn beauties, bringing an old world feeling that makes every occasion special and memorable.”

Indie Hippie Style has been true to their name. They continuously bring fun and a ball of sunshine in every set and be translated it to the outtakes. It is indie. It is hippie. It is in their style.

Geof Lagria certainly knows how to put some good drama in every work he does. His big and (somewhat) dark styling style is a product of the things that linger inside his creative mind.

This next styling and production team is known for their mad skills and wits that are shown in their masterpieces. Rabbit Hole Creatives will take you to their world and will “delight you in highly newfangled visuals in lush details, fresh ideas, and raw imagery.”

There are only three words to describe the works of Tipping Point Collective: timeless, innovative, and collective. This group of creative minds creates masterpieces out of novel concepts while keeping the ideas of the client. Their works are simply “guided by art, intuition and history rather than following the latest trends.”

Zarla Antonio of Oopsie Daisies Shoot Styling is now making a name in the wedding industry today. This nursing graduate found her love and passion for the arts and crafts and became a purveyor of good details.

This team of stylists knows how to make a certain look and a compelling story to “create photo memoirs to last a lifetime.” Nobody can do than Style Diaries. Ask Dingdong and Marian Rivera-Dantes and they will probably say the same.

1 Nice Print Photography

Something Splendid knows how to produce nothing but splendid things. This styling team from Davao adds pride to the town as one of the premier stylists. Their simple but sunny disposition kind of style has captivated the whole town and many hearts.

Lastly, Something Pretty Manila ensures that your prenup shoot will be “pretty, fabulous, and something that people will talk about.” And they never fail to do just that. This team will help you create those moments that are worth remembering.

These are just some of the top prenup stylists in our country. Their creative minds set them apart from others. Book them and you will never be disappointed. Your stories will be heard. That’s for sure.

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  1. Vienna Hilongo says:

    Snapoholic Cebu should be here haha.

  2. jenny says:

    You and Me Weddings by Basty’s Balloons styling team are hoping to be on the list soon! Hahaha!!!

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