Merry to Marry Exclusive: Sean Fariñas and Karel Marquez’s Pre-Wedding Editorial in Hong Kong

Mga larawang hinulma ng pusong nagaalab. These are the words that best describe the outtakes from the pre-wedding editorial shoot of two beautiful souls, Sean and Karel. This is an exclusive collaboration between Merry to Marry and Nice Print Photography.

We partnered with some of the most notable wedding suppliers today — Mariah SantosGeof Lagria, and Vatel Manila. The whole team flew all the way to Hong Kong to shoot these poetically beautiful photos. And they were amazing! Nice Print Photography has clearly outdone themselves with this work. The photos are dreamy yet crisp and they resulted to how we envisioned it: fun, light, and effortless.

Meanwhile, Karel did not need to be glamorized any further because she’s already stunning, but Mariah Santos made her even more beautiful and Vatel Manila‘s bouquet of flowers kept up with that classic beauty. Lastly, Geof Lagria‘s mad skills in styling made the couple stood out against the overwhelming facade of the city. Hold your breath and be fascinated with these stills:

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Oh, we almost forgot to tell you that we have a video of this pre-wedding editorial coming out soon. We know you can’t wait any longer!

Photographer: Nice Print Photography / Make Up: Mariah Santos / Styling: Geof Lagria / Bouquet: Vatel Manila / Planning and Coordination: The Weddings by Miss P

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