Tuesday Tips: 10 Easy Ways to Style Your Wedding Reception

Reception venues are the extension of the marriage celebration. Hence it is not unusual to know that almost everyone wants to have a close to a perfect reception. Like what we always say, coming together is a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Moreover, couples nowadays are becoming savvier and they want the celebration with their personal touches. It is their wedding after all. Designing your own reception venue is practical yet it is not an easy task. Therefore, we give you today 10 easy ways to decorate your venue!

1. Chalkboard Welcome Signage

Wanna be hippie and kinda cool? Why not write your greetings in chalk to welcome your guests?

Photo by Love Train Studios

2. Calligraphed Nameplates and Menus

Calligraphy has been a popular thing in the recent years, hence joining the bandwagon wouldn’t hurt. Imagine your nameplates and menus in calligraphy, it exudes class and elegance, right?

Photo by CamZar Photography

3. Flowers

Flowers won’t fade away from the wedding scene. Never. Hence, fill your wedding venue with scented flowers. Whether it is in a pot, on table, or hanging, flowers will make the celebration bloom.

Styling and photo by Events Central by Anna Winstel

4. Greeneries

If you want simplicity and one focal color instead of beautiful & colorful array of flowers, then go for greens. Less flowers, more greeneries.

Styling and photo by K by Cunanan Catering

5. Draped Clothing

If you have a beautiful spare of linen, chiffon or any colorful clothing, use it and drape the ceiling. Class!

Photo by Joseph Requerme Photography

6. Pillows

Decorate your lounge area or even the master stage with patterned pillows. It looks cozy and elegant rolled into one.

Photo from Pinterest

7. Lamps

The use of lamps as a table piece would surely light up not only the venue but also the event you are celebrating.

Photo by Foreveryday Photography

8. Unique Photo Wall

For your photo wall, photos of each family, friends, and you as a couple would be a better idea, if not the best.

Photo from Pinterest

9. Paper Lanterns

If you are following an oriental or beach wedding, paper lanterns would definitely complete the look of your reception.

Photo from Boracay Weddings

10. Woodlands

Are you aiming for a country or rustic-themed wedding? Opt for wood materials. It looks polished and neat!

Photo by Shutterfairy Photography

If you think we need to add more from the list above, feel free to comment your suggestions below.

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