5 Better Choices For Your Wedding Suppliers’ Meal

Admit it or not, your wedding wouldn’t be of a success without the help of people around you. This includes the love you get from your family, the support from your craziest friends, and the expertise of your wedding suppliers. Particularly with your vendors, they share their mad skills just to help you achieve your dream wedding. But just like you, these vendors almost always call for a help as well, to accomplish that goal. They bring their own army or crew, hence it wouldn’t hurt if we extend our love for them, right?

One of the most inane questions raised in recent times is the best meal to offer to the crew during meetings, photo shoots, or even during the reception. Fast food restaurants will always be the quick answer to this, but is there anything else? Our answer is a big YES!

Today, we list down 5 of the better choices for the crew meal:

1. Packed Gourmet

If your wedding is in the south of Manila specifically in Tagaytay, you may opt to order from this company. What we love about them is their good service and great taste of food at reasonable prices.

2. CCME Homemade Foodstuff Co.

CCME’s recipes are all-time favorite not just by wedding suppliers but also by the people working in corporate world. Aside from reasonable prices, they also serve food at really big servings. They don’t deliver on packed style though. So let your suppliers have a buffet style! Their sisig, chicken pastel, and beef lengua on salsa blanca are must-try!


3. Nikki’s Homecooked Meals

This company is run by group of wedding suppliers so they know how to satisfy the stomach of your dream team. They’re actually offering Kapampangan meals! Drooling!

4. Bella’s Comfort Food

We can’t get over their belly lechon! Yes, let your suppliers enjoy Bella’s sumptuous food!

5. Your Family Recipe

We believe cooking and preparing food by one or two of your family members could be the best option as they are not only showing their talent in cooking, but they are also spreading your love.



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  1. Chezka says:

    Hi would like to ask which among them is nearest to batangas. We’d like to avoid OTF for the crew meal thanks so much!:)

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