7 Things Couples Forget to Include in their Wedding Checklist

Planning a wedding can really stress you out. Unless you have reliable friends or an experienced wedding planner, it is like looking for a needle in a haystack. You don’t know where to start and you don’t know what to do. Therefore it is vital to have a complete wedding checklist. This lists all the things you need to buy, have, and use. However, even if you have a seemingly complete checklist, couples tend to miss a thing or two. It is understandable, but it can be prevented. Hence, today, we list down the 7 things that couples normally forget:

1. Parking Spaces: Yes, you already have a venue that can fit your hundred guests, but how about the parking lot? Can it accommodate several numbers of vehicles? Ask this as you don’t want your guests to walk a hundred kilometers to your reception.

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2. Missallettes: For those who are having a church wedding, couples must not forget to print missalettes, unless the church says they are doing it, instead.

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3. Role Assignments in Church: Unless you already have given the tasks of bible reading and being a commentator to one of your entourages, designate people to do these.

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4. Tent: It is proven that you should have a Plan B or a contingency plan whenever life smacks you in the face. When you decide to have a garden wedding or outdoor reception, you should ready the tents in case the weather gets a tantrum.


5. Stain Remover: The bride is, no doubt, the woman of the hour and the person the guests want to have a picture with (of course, we don’t forget about the groom), hence they move around the venue a lot and misfortunes might happen. So it is important to include a stain remover pen in your list!

6. Unplugged Ceremony Sign: Especially with the power of social media, your guests want to capture your beautiful moments and share it with the rest of the world in just one hashtag. But if you want your guests to be with you in the moment (physically and emotionally, not virtually), ready your ‘unplugged ceremony’ board sign. This will also allow your wedding photographers to capture your best moments without interruption.


7. Mannequin: During wedding preparation in the hotel or wherever, it would be best to have a mannequin to hold your wedding dress during photo and video shoots. This is frequently forgotten if the bride opted to buy her gown online or abroad.

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