Chuck and Lynette: White Tuxedo

 Starting your week can be dreading at times, but can that feeling be replaced by hope and inspiration despite knowing that a busy work week is ahead of you? Absolutely yes! Especially if you start your day with a simple smile and an optimistic outlook. Reading a new Merry To Marry feature also helps a lot. Ask our readers and followers and they will utter the same. Our regular wedding and engagement features are great mood booster, for sure. And today is no different as we present to you the union of Chuck and Lynette.
The couple tied the knot in a very classic and sophisticated event. You can tell it in the accessories, styling, and the ambiance that a lot of preparation was allotted and poured out. But what made it classic is the white tuxedo worn by the groom. It is slick and a scene stealer. It matched the wedding dress of the bride, which is, in fact, an elegant piece. The coral-colored motif was also a great accent that added sophistication. Kudos to Orange Studios by Kent Lazarraga for capturing these moments. We suddenly feel like we’re there to witness this.

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