Tip Tuesday: Things You Shouldn’t Do For Your Wedding

Imagine yourself strolling around a massive shopping mall and you can’t seem to find this specific shop you have been looking for. What would you do? Your instinct will tell you to look for a concierge, or for any directory that can tell you which way to take and where exactly that shop is, right? This situation can be likened to an engaged couple who doesn’t know where to start when it comes to planning their own wedding. Don’t be embarrassed! For sure, every one has been through this.

The emergence of the Internet and social media platforms, however, has made the lives of everyone so much easier. Thanks to wedding blogs like Merry To Marry for the tips and hacks they compile regularly in order to give a light on those who are dazed and confused. But there is this particular community in the Philippine wedding scene who seems to proactively assume the position of being a concierge–the point person to go to for answers. The Wedding Tip Sheet did that! Does THAT! Darlene Tan-Salazar, who is the woman behind this, recently posted her ‘Do Not Do This Series’ and as such, we would like to share with you some of these.

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  1. Alexis Uy says:

    Wow. This is helpful. I actually asked my coord with #1. He told me the same thing. An allowance of 15 minutes is already okay since PS would usually arrive earlier. It would be unfair to keep them waiting for long.

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