Jasper and Bea: Walk in the Park

This engagement session mirrors what today’s couple does in their romantic date. Going to the park while holding hands sounds cliché, but whenever you’re with your one true, great love, there’s nothing ordinary about it. Everything is extraordinary and special. It is as if the universe revolves only around the two of you. And Jasper and Bea can attest to that! This lovely couple, hence, takes us to their romantic date in Zambawood to prove this point via this prenup session.

The two initially went for a meaningful walk in the park, strutting their best outfits, and ended up cozying up by the bonfire at night. That moment was a great representation of how ignited their love for each other is. It is like the ember of love! With this session, Foreveryday Photography clearly found their niche in capturing the most ordinary moments in a couple’s everyday lives and making it extraordinary!

Photographer : Foreveryday Photography /Make Up : Nichole Austria / Hair : Aila Cascalla / Styling : Ken Lagodgod / Dresses : Audwin Lee, Love C. Manila / Location : Zambawood

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