Ken and Jozen: This groom wore a striking blue suit

Grooms, ever since, opt for simple yet slick black and white suit. It’s not because they want to play safe, but because they wanna look sharp and dashing to match the beauty of their brides. But there are some men who are brave enough to veer away from the norm and who choose bold and eclectic suits.

One example is Ken who wore a striking blue suit, complementing the wedding color motif. Ken really stood out in that royal blue suit and completely matched the color of the entourage and even the invitation. It also matched the regal presence of his bride, Jozen. It is so refreshing. As they say, be a Ken in this world full of black and white’s. Thanks to Fine and Dainty for capturing these bold moments.

Coordination : Imbitado Events | Photo : Fine and Dainty | Video : Thee Creation Media  | HMUA : Ayie Punzal  | Location : Portico de Busto | Catering : L. De Vera Catering

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