Mic Drop: This is how you nail that bridesmaid speech

We’ve been writing tips for brides-to-be or even for grooms-to-be. We haven’t explored any topic that concerns other people who are also involved in this taxing yet memorable journey that is wedding, until now. Today, we would like to connect with all the bridesmaids out there to give you some valuable tips on giving a mic drop-worthy moment.

A bridesmaid has a crucial role in the wedding, and one of which is the delivery of an important message to the couple. It seems easy but it is not. With all the overwhelming emotions, getting your message across might a little bit be difficult. Therefore today, we bring to you these tips to nail that speech.

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1. Prepare: Unless you are some extemporaneous speech champion back in high school, you need some time to prepare your message. Even those extemporaneous speakers are given and need time to prepare, so why don’t you? Start writing your speech a month before the wedding to give you ample time to edit and practice it.

2. Focus: In writing your speech, focus is the key. Although no one’s gonna mark you some grades, it is important to take this seriously. After all, this is for your best friend. Pour your heart out and you will be surprised how beautiful your speech would be. At the same time, keep it short and sweet. You don’t wanna bore the guests with all your non-sense or your hifalutin anecdotes and quotes.

3. Practice: To keep you from that wedding toast disaster, practice is important. There’s nothing more effective than practicing your speech over and over. Practice, practice, practice until you get the hang of it. It is also useful if you let your other friends see or hear your speech so that you can solicit their advices and suggestions.

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4. Be you: Find the style you are most comfortable with. Sometimes mimicking or copying other person’s style will bring you to your nightmare—that wedding toast disaster. Hence, it is better to be who you are. If you are funny, then show that through your speech. If you are creative then let them know. There are no right or wrong when it comes to being you.

5. Stay calm: Okay, the moment of delivering the speech has come and you might probably be sweating and having some butterflies in your stomach. That’s normal but in order for you to prevent that disaster to happen, stay calm and collected. Breathe in and breathe out. And just let your purest heart work for you.

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