Martin and Kayzel: ‘Fall’ for this Engagement Shoot in Nami Island

  It’s fall season now on the other parts of the globe. Leaves are falling as the temperature starts to drop. Autumn season is favored a lot less than summer or spring seasons by many because they feel like the former is a lot less vibrant and colorful, literally and figuratively speaking. In association, autumn is much of a somber time of the year hence most people prefer other seasons. However, there are places on earth where autumn is highly anticipated because of the beauty it displays during this time.
Nami Island in South Korea is one and we have proofs to show. Martin and Kayzel’s engagement session is a living proof that this season can be as vibrant as summer. The colors of the leaves in the background will give you that relaxing yet warm atmosphere, which is perfect for all couples out there who find comfort in each other. Without taking anything away from this session though,Mac Omega of Omegashots did amazing in maximising the beauty of the island and the season. The photos are more compelling than the ones we normally see in k-dramas.
Photographer: Mac Omega of Omegashots | Makeup Artist: Pamela Flancia Famatigan | Location: Seoul, Korea

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