Aldrich and Kristine: This Groom Cried Bucket of Tears on His Wedding Day

The day of your wedding is one of those times where emotions are heightened and feelings are overflowing. Typically you will see the bride with tears falling from her eyes as she walks down the aisle. You will be moved, regardless. But whenever a groom shows his emotions at this very moment, you will surely cry with him. It is so compelling it’s difficult to hold your tears back. This is what we felt as we skimmed through today’s feature.

Let’s just say we were on the verge of tears. Foreveryday Photography has captured every emotion in the special day of Aldrich and Kristine, especially when Aldrich was trying his best to wipe the water out of his eyes while keeping his smile. Heartwarming, dare we say. Bonus—we certainly love that White Label wedding dress on Kristine. It fits like a glove.

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