Miko & Lea : This Session Has 4 Pre Nuptial Themes and Was All Shot On The Same Day

We’d like to end this work week on a different level, bringing visuals that are unimaginable to many. This engagement shoot not only has one theme, not two, but it has 4 beautifully crafted themes. But what is more impressive is the fact that these were all done on the same day. You can only imagine how challenging it was for the couple and for the people behind this. With the outcome you are about to see though, it is safe to say that the concerted effort paid off.

Looking at the photos, Miko and Leawere serving good visuals after the other. The themes are like different cuisines you can’t ignore. Through-the-waves theme serves a mystifying atmosphere; Rustic Luxe proves a discerning taste; Lacey Ties hints a spice; and Safari Gest shows exhilaration. It is a whole feast, indeed! Kudos to all wedding suppliers especially to The Daydreamer Studios and Tipping Point Collective for pulling these off!

Photo: The Daydreamer Studios | Videographer: Paradox Films | HMUA: Toni Aviles | Stylist: Tipping Point Collective | Location 1: Clearwater Country Club | Location 2: Porac Pampanga | Wedding gown: Mak Tumang

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