Paolo and Rhio: A Tuscany Engagement Session

We no longer need to wait for the long weekend to come just for us to go somewhere else to unwind and take our well-deserved rest. We have a new engagement feature today that will take us to unimaginable place; a place where good food, impeccable arts, and a beautiful terrain of vineyards exist. Foreveryday Photography takes us miles away from here. They take us to a vibrant city that is Tuscany.

Jealousy is one of many feelings that we felt while rummaging through these photos. The location is incredibly and otherworldly picturesque! In fact, the setting itself is an art. This only makes us more jealous of the couple! But above that stern feeling, we’re extremely happy for Paolo and Rhio! They look like locals, visiting a fattoria—a Tuscan word to depict a farm/vineyard. To the tell you all the truth, they look unreal! As they walk towards their forever, we hope nothing but the best for the two. We hope their marriage will prosper as they age just like a good old wine.

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