Edwin and Charm: A Caliraya Engagement Shoot

This is it! Last week before Christmas holidays, at least for some. But no matter what your plans are, one thing is for sure during these days, unlimited food and bottomless drinks. Holiday is the best time to binge-eat and drink, isn’t it? However, today’s feature will remind you that exercising is also a nice way to spend these times (or hopefully to sweat out all excess food and drink you will be consuming).

As captured by The Perfect Grey, Edwin and Charm camped out in Caliraya to flex and run together towards forever. This sporty and healthy-looking couple drove a retro van with their bikes in it to explore the beautiful nature that the place can offer. Just like their lifestyle, we are sure their marriage life will be equally healthy and fruitful!

Photo: The Perfect Grey | Location: Caliraya

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