Tuesday Tips: Unveiling All Hidden Wedding Venue Costs

More often than not, wedding venues require you to pay additional miscellaneous fees apart from the costs of renting the place. For many, these are often regarded as hidden costs, but if only had you ask or did a thorough research, these wouldn’t have shocked you. These venues do not include these costs just to milk your wallet dry, but to provide you and your guests the optimal experience. Therefore today, we help you unveil some of the hidden wedding venue fees.

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1. Corkage fee: This is true to almost all venues, particularly in hotels, pavilions, and event houses. Bringing in external drink and wedding food such as cake, would require you to pay for this fee.

2. Overtime fee: Venues are rented for certain hours only, hence if you lose track of time while having fun in the reception, then be prepared to pay extra bucks.

3. Transportation fee: If you decided to hold your wedding in a far-flung province, then you have to take into account the transportation. These venues more often than not offer transportation for your guests especially if they need to be transferred from one venue to another.

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4. Local Government Permit: You have to apply and pay for government permits especially if you decide to get hitched in public places like park or beach.

5. Generator: Speaking of a beach wedding or any outdoor venues, you need a generator for power or to run the electricity. This is also applicable to indoor locations, unless you’re okay with dancing in the dark.

6. Portable Restrooms: If your wedding is done outside and far from any facility, then you need to bring in or pay for portable and stylish toilets.

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7. Tent: This is very important especially if it is done outside. This is needed when the heat is scorching or the rain is heavily pouring.

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