Ish and Iane: The Wedding Dress to Rule in 2018

Weekend is within our reach and it’s only fitting if we start our day off with an inspiring love story. Ralph Lee is delighted to share with us his take on the coming together of these two college sweethearts who recent tied the knot—Ish and Iane. We’re fortunate enough to see how these two hearts have finally become one. As narrated through these well-captured moments, we see how happiness overflowed and resonated throughout this momentous day.

The smiles couldn’t be denied as the couple met at the altar and eventually made their vow to love each other forever. But the other thing that is worth noting is Iane’s beautiful dress which has drawn a lot of attention. Instead of a white dress, she opted for a dress by Hannah Kong that has washed colored flowers painted on it. With this uniqueness, will this be the new norm going forward?

Photo : Ralph Lee | Video : Mayad Studios |  Makeup : Make up by Odessa  | Gown : Hannah Kong Entourage Gowns : Dream Wedding |  Coord : Smalltalk Events

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