Tuesday Tips: 7 Unfamiliar Wedding Tricks You Should Know

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There are hundreds of articles about wedding tips and tricks that have already been written and posted online. So you should know by now some of these, if not everything. In the grand scheme of things however, there are a few things that are, more often than not, overlooked. These are some ‘common-sense’ tips but are often absentmindedly disregarded. These tips, when followed carefully, can keep you from the so-called wedding disaster. Today we list down 7 unpopular wedding tricks you should know:

1. Check all blackout dates: In choosing the wedding date, you should also consider the dates for all local events that may limit accessibility. Not only holidays, but you might also want to take note of the dates for fiestas, charity events, and the likes that may affect road traffic or hotel rooms availability.

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2. Collect your credit card points: Unless you are paying in cash, get a credit card that will give you certain points. Whether it is in the form of shopping deals or miles points, it is a great way to take advantage of the high cost for wedding supplies.

3. Don’t afraid to ask for favors: Since we Filipinos love asking for ‘extras’, talk to your wedding suppliers and ask for favors. Ask for an extra hour or two for free from the photo booth service or extra plates from your caterer. Even though they might say no in the end, at least you tried. We don’t know they might say yes.

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4. Keep a paper trail: Verbal agreement may not have the same power as before, so always keep a paper trail. In relation to number 3, let’s say the photo booth owner agrees to an extra hour, then it is better for you to send an email or an addendum to your agreement stating this. This is to protect you from any disappointment and miscommunication.

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5. Emergency phone book: Gather all the contact details of your wedding suppliers and create one special file for it. It is organised and easier to pull out information when you have everything in one place, right?

6. Last-minute planning might work: Cramming might work on some circumstances and in your favor as last-minute booking increases bargaining power. Hotels, catering companies, and wedding suppliers have all targets to reach, hence squeezing in a last-minute booking can give you specially lower prices.

Photo by: Myio Okamoto

7. Child care for hire: If you decide on an adult-only event but your guests cannot simply leave their children at home, then why not organise and hire a child care service to take care of these young broods? By doing this, everyone will feel at ease

Photo by: Chestknots.

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