Kate Spade x Keds Collaboration for Wedding Shoes

To those who do not find the ease and comfort of wearing high-heeled shoes to pair up underneath their glamorous gowns, and also to those who’s fond of high-heeled shoes, but equally want sneakers, here’s definitely the one which will fit you perfectly!

Kate Spade and Keds recently tied up and collaborated to do something which will provide ease and comfort to one’s feet on the wedding day. This one is down for the tiniest feet in the wedding party! The two well-known brand of shoes agreed and decided to make up numerous designs of sneaker that can still perfectly match every color palette of dress that a couple can come to think of. To still keep the glamour, they do not just have white sneakers to wear underneath those flowy dresses, but also silver, gold, and lots of colors to choose to!

Now that you already know about this good news, calm down. Hold your breath still, for it will be available on the nearest stores around you, soon!

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