Tuesday Tips: 5 Destination Wedding Tips

We know that you miss our special feature every Tuesday, hence we are bringing this back for all of you. Today we explore the important facets in making your dream wedding a success—wherever it is. Aside from the theme, couples nowadays also hope to get hitched in their dream location. But opting for an unfamiliar location brings out even more challenges…but But BUT with a thorough plan, these hurdles will be addressed. We give you 5 destination wedding tips to making your dream wedding come into fruition.

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1. Location: Choose not only the place you’ve been dreaming of but also a place that matches the theme you want, a place that won’t be difficult for the transportation of the guests and a place that is within your budget. In order to pull it off, consider these three factors.

2. Time: Consider also the timing—date, season, weather—of your wedding. If you want a beach wedding but you want to get wed in July which is a rainy season, then what’s the point? There’s nothing about the rain, but think of it—beach and rain? Two things that shouldn’t be in the same sentence.

3. Vendors: This one also is associated with your budget. If you have the financial resources to bring your wedding suppliers to your wedding location, then go for it. But if you can’t pay for their plane tickets for instance or to pay extra for out-of-town expenses, then why not consider local wedding suppliers. There’s at least a handful of vendors locally who are as good as the ones in town.

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4. Local Requirements: There are some local requirements that are entailed should you decide to hold your wedding out-of-town. Every town, city or country demands different requirements, so it is better to research beforehand.

5. Research: As mentioned above, researching is key. There’s an Internet for a reason. You can now Google everything so do it. But you can also ask for help and for suggestions from your coordinator or even friends. And if necessary, you can also connect with couples who held their wedding in the same location you are eyeing. There’s no harm in asking after all.

Photo from Foreveryday Photography

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