The Naked Foodie Shares 6 Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Cake

As if wedding planning isn’t stressful enough, it comes time to order the cake and suddenly you realize there are so many decisions to be made! Do I want an edible cake? What flavor will I choose? Should I go with a naked cake? What supplier should I trust? Should I do pick up or pay for delivery? You’ll need to decide on all of these before wedding day, and Christian Mark Jacobs, The Naked Foodie, is here to guide you along the way with these 6 great tips.

Naked Patisserie’s Semi-Naked Cake

1.Decide on the purpose of your cake 

This may sound silly, but wedding cakes symbolize different things for different people. Some brides and grooms want a gigantic cake to serve as a centerpiece or monument at their reception. Others want a delicious cake that’s completely edible and leaves guests raving about the taste. Some couples want the best of both worlds and choose to have a partially edible cake but want the added layers of styro to give a grand impression. Step one is to ask yourself, “what does my wedding cake mean to me?”

Naked Patisserie’s Marbre Dulce

Naked Patisserie’s Midnight

2.Gather pegs that fit in with your motif 

Pastry chefs are artists but they aren’t mind readers and they may have a different vision of the design you’re asking for. A picture is worth a thousand words, and this is no exception with cake design.

Naked Patisserie’s Romantic Waltz

Naked Patisserie’s Angel Kisses



3.Make your design original 

Of course you want your wedding celebration  to make an impression on guests and it’s easy for critics to spot a copycat. Pegs are great for inspiration but if pastry chefs are artists then they can create original work that leave your guests raving over your wedding cake design. Insist on an original design!

Naked Patisserie’s Birds of Paradise

4.Go with a flavor that everyone will enjoy

Lemon poppyseed won’t be favorite at the kiddie table and you may love walnuts but what if your guests are allergic? Choose a classic flavor like vanilla buttercream or red velvet with cream cheese icing, but make sure that the recipe is one that is will be a knock out.

Naked Patisserie’s Chinoiserie Blue

5.Choose a trusted supplier

Sure, your distant cousin may be baking and selling sweet treats baked in her home kitchen, and, yes, her prices are cheaper. But you only getting married once! You put so much thought and effort into the wedding gown, the color motif, the vows— don’t cut yourself short with the wedding cake.  Choose a reputable supplier with a professional company and proven track record.

6.Consider getting a sheet cake for cutting 

If you decided on a partially edible or completely non-edible cake, consider ordering a separate sheet cake for cutting. If you love chocolate cake but don’t want it smeared all over your face making unflattering pictures during the cake cutting, just order a separate chocolate sheet cake for guests to eat! What’s better than one cake? Two cakes!

Naked Patisserie’s Love Strokes

The Naked Foodie, Christian Mark Jacobs, is owner of Naked Patisserie, a bake shop specialize in making premium bespoke Weddings & Events cakes. Naked Patisserie makes customized wedding giveaways and is a first choice supplier for celebrity weddings.

To schedule an appointment with a designer for a custom made sketch of your cake and a cake tasting, email or visit their website:  Naked Patisserie

Photo: Nice Print Photography

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