Tuesday Tips: 5 Things Your Florist Wants You To Know

Wedding flowers are equally essential parts of your big day. They make your ceremony ethereally beautiful–unless you want a dull and sombre ambience. It is called celebration for nothing, and flowers do its part to make it lovelier and alive. Flowers bloom as your love for each other ignites. More often than not, couples make mistakes in choosing the right flowers for their wedding, possibly due to lack of knowledge, pressure or simply stress. Therefore today, we give you 5 valuable tips from top florists to avoid some mistakes.

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1. Consult your florists: Even if you have a penchant for flowers, it is crucial for you to summon a competent florist to help you out with decorating your venues. Florists have a vast knowledge and significant years of experience in doing this and simply they have creative eyes that you might not just have yet! If you don’t any one that rings a bell, ask your friends for recommendations or even visit wedding-related sites especially Merry To Marry for a list of genius florists.

2. Be open to suggestions: Related to the above tip, do not say no before you have seen the entire vision or even before you know. Be open to the suggestions of the florist and have a healthy working relationship with them. If you don’t like the idea, tell them in a nice way but be prepared for what they have to say.

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3. Do not replicate inspiration: Wedding-related sites will give you so much inspiration, but do not try to replicate what has already been done. This may lead you to disaster anyhow, unless you hire the same florist/artist who made those flowers you saw on Instagram or Pinterest. It is always good when you put personal touches to the work to have better results and be an inspiration to others in return.

4. Be mindful of the season: Flowers, just like fruits, are seasonal. Hence it is very important to take note of the month of your wedding. For instance you are getting hitched in December, you might want to reconsider getting a gardenia or a carnation which both bloom in summer time.

5. Consider your color motif and venue: This is the reason why you need a florist to consult with. You need them to help you out plan the best wedding flowers that match your color motif, theme and venues. Flowers are not merely accents, but vital parts that may make or break your wedding.

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