From North to South With Utmost Love

Today, we get to peek at Ian and Tracy’s most blessed moment yet. As they said, their wedding might not be perfect for others, but for them, it undeniably is! This couple shares with us their inspiring love story through these stills that speak volume and utmost love. What’s interesting about their story though is that Ian and Tracy’ families are both from the North, but everyone wholeheartedly gathered in the South—Tagaytay, in particular.

Tagaytay will still be one of the most go-to wedding destinations for many years because no one can’t ever deny its scenic and picturesque features. This haven just adds depth and life to everything. Just look at these wedding photos, this wedding became more breathtaking! We commend Dave Sarabia for witnessing this union and for making this a success!

Church : Chapel on the Hill | Reception: Raffi’s Way | Photo: Dave Sarabia | Video: Circus Studio


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