Here’s Why You Should Be Excited On The Re-Opening of Boracay Island in October

Beach lovers and travel wanderers—both Filipinos and foreigners—were all saddened by the temporary closure of Boracay. But as they say, ‘everything must come to an end’. The door to the paradise is about to open again. Boracay is about to claim its prestige. This island has already the go signal to operate after its forced hiatus. Come October, Boracay will bring us its beauty, the fun, and excitement we have been deprived of for the past few months, and the island is here to stay.

Today, hence, we want to list 5 things why you all should be excited for the reopening of Boracay:

1. We all should be excited for all aspects of the island we once fell in love with. The excitement, the fun, and even the night life are enough to make you want to visit the island once reopened. But on top of these, the inviting blue water, the ambiance, and the fine white sand are all the things we miss!


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2. The return of the island means the return of Station Zero – In recent years, Boracay has introduced new hotels to accommodate the number of local and foreign tourists, but amidst its stiff competition, Crimson Resort and Spa Boracay remains unbothered. In this resort, you will have an intimate moment with the sunrise and sunset by the private beachfront. You will also enjoy the different amenities that this resort has to offer. Oh, why Station Zero? Because the said resort will let you experience the amazing exclusivity and view that  you won’t experience in Station 1, 2, and 3.



3. The return of Boracay also means the return of one of the most popular wedding destinations. Hundreds of couples have already made their vow in this island, and we know for sure that there some couples out there who are also dreaming of the same thing. That said, Crimson Resort and Spa Boracay is also opening their doors to the couples who want this once-in-a-lifetime experience.



4.  For the second chapter of the island, we are all “assured” for a non-heavy traffic around the premises. It’s for sure that hundreds, if not thousands, will head to the island in October to see this paradise that was once tagged as the most beautiful islands in the world, but we’re still hoping that the local government thought of a better plan for its thoroughfare.


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5. Your Boracay experience would not be complete without the exciting activities. Whether it is parasailing, jet ski, or riding an ATV, these activities make us even more excited for its return! Just imagine reliving the moments while doing the island hopping and of course, cliff diving.


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We can’t wait for October to come!!!

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