A Fun-loving Engagement Session

Annyeonghaseyo precious readers! For sure you already have an idea about the engagement session I will be featuring today, based on the language I used to say my greetings. Yes! You’re absolutely right! It took place at the most talked upon and what we considered a must-place to visit, the country of Korea. I can already hear your hearts breaking by the mere mention of the place, well don’t worry we’re on the same page.

Foreveryday Photography, through their adept talent brought us once more a fun-loving engagement session of our today’s lovely couple, Patty and Fortune. Scanning through their photos felt like they literally took me with them. Feeling the cold breeze touched my skin, enjoying the beautiful scenery as I witness how they lovingly gaze at each other. How I dream to have this kind of engagement too!

Photo : Foreveryday Photography


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