5 Reasons Why You’ll Love These Rustic Wedding Cakes

The rustic cake design is here to stay. No, it’s not just a trend but is in fact, a classic in the making. More and more we see rustic cakes at weddings and events as opposed to traditional fondant cakes, and even celebrities are coming to us with rustic and naked cakes in mind. Still not convinced a rustic or naked cake is for your? Let’s break down why we simply cannot stop obsessing over these cakes.



1. The cakes taste as good as they look. There’s a certain flair to making rustic cakes look precisely rustic but not sloppy. It’s a fine balance of that effortless-chic look and precision and, when done properly rustic cakes always catch the gaze of guests at your event. But at the end of the day, the main reason why we love rustic cakes from Naked Patisserie is because they’re as delectable as the flavors they comes in.



2. Guests can’t take their eyes off of the fresh foliage and vibrant berries. This rustic cake element can go simple to extravagant with just a stroke of a skilled pastry chef’s hands. Either way, it’s always a scene stealer because there’s no better artist than our Creator, and incorporating His works into your cakes such as fresh flowers or ripened berries makes for an Instagram-worthy cake every time.



3. They somehow make us feel connected with nature. Because of all the fresh foliage and berry details, rustic cakes somehow makes us feel closer to nature because it brings nature to YOU! And there are so many choices and variations of flowers and foliage to choose from- from succulents and cacti to roses or carnations with baby’s breath, nature provides us with endless options to adorn your naked cake.



4. The aesthetic is personalized to fit your taste. The rustic cake isn’t just for a specific aesthetic; the truth is there are numerous types of rustic cakes to fit your style and to match your theme or motif. It can easily go sophisticated, to whimsical, to bold. It’s a matter of color, foliage, or fruit choice. Regardless of your venue choice, a rustic cake can be the perfect pair for a 5-star hotel Grand Ballroom or an outdoor reception. It all boils down to the design you choose.



5. They’re ideal for garden weddings. A fresh affair deserves an equally fresh-looking cake. A rustic cake is just that. 

Whether you’re having a wedding or celebrating a birthday, there’s likely a a rustic cake waiting for you. Just open your imagination, the possibilities are practically endless which is why Naked Patisserie loves starting out every cake with a sketchbook and pencil, ready to create your one-of-kind dream cake and to give you a 5-star experience that will be a memorable part of your event planning.

To book a cake tasting with Naked Patisserie email them at naked.patisserie@gmail.com or call/VIBER at +63 945 468 5141. They offer sparkling wine or coffee, a tasting of 4 of their signature cake flavors, and a personalised sketch of your cake design. By appointment only, advanced booking is recommend as limited slots are available.


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