A Fun-loving Union With Captivating Wedding Details.

Finding the right wedding details may test your patience and will require much of your time and effort invested, but at the end I’m sure it’s all worth it.  Just like the wedding of our today’s featured couple. Who’s in his right mind will say no to personalized stuff and hobbies inspired wedding giveaways? Definitely not me. My heart is officially jealous, I swear. I personally love everything that’s related to F.R.I.E.N.D.S, the same way I love their personalized key chain giveaways. Together, Let’s take a look of this wedding and details as well, captured through the lens of Foreveryday Photo.

Arlene and Patrick, took us to new heights as they brought us this fun loving commitment ceremony. To be honest, I’m impress with the idea of putting your character in your wedding details in a way that Patrick’s love for video games was shown in his cuff links. But, hey that’s not the end of it. I’m guessing that their quite fascinated with geometric elements as well for it was manifested especially in their wedding cake, reception decorations and even on the industrial and geometric inspired bridesmaids bouquets. They made everything personalized, including their candles, hanger and silverware plus their overly cute on stick fan. Looking at their photos, I don’t think I will ever stop gushing over their chosen elements and details and I know my dear readers we’re on the same page.

Photo : Foreveryday Photography | Coordinator : Canaan Celebrations by Jets & Rhona | Host :  JC Alelis, Master of Ceremonies | Gown : Beyond White | HMUA : Toni Aviles | Florist :  Amante Fleurs |

5 responses to “A Fun-loving Union With Captivating Wedding Details.”

  1. Lucy kenyan says:

    No words may almighty bless this two big hearts… Anything you do let in be filled with love joy and blessings…..we love you can’t wait for baby shower

  2. Arlene Tirona says:

    Thank you for the feature!

  3. Arlene Tirona says:

    Hi, can you kindly add For Keeps Events Specialist for the styling… they need to be mentioned since all of those are their design.. please please

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