6 Things We Love about Christian Bautista’s Wedding Cake

Christian Bautista and Kat Ram tied the knot on November 17, 2018 in Bali, Indonesia at what can only be described as a dreamy wedding. The 3-day celebration was an intimate gathering with 60-70 guests traveling from all over the world to hear the celebrity couple say the words “I do!”

There were many magical elements about Christian and Kat’s wedding, and their wedding cake was no exception— a 4-tiered completely edible semi-naked donut cake embellished with donuts and rosemary for an added pop of color. What not to love, right?

Here are 6 things we love about Christian Bautista’s wedding cake:

  1. The flavor. French Vanilla with buttercream frosting is a traditional wedding flavor, but this cake was laced with hints of nutmeg and cinnamon for a little something extra special that kept guests coming back for seconds and thirds.
  2. It was super moist! According to attendees at the wedding, the cake was especially moist and refreshing, even after a filling dinner with a wine and dessert pairing.
  3. The nature vibes. Bali is the perfect setting for a destination wedding with some of the most extraordinary sites in the world such as beaches, volcanoes and rice fields. The cake was a reflection of the essence of Bali which is deeply rooted in nature.
  4. The structure of the cake. The cake was 4-tier with each tier exceeding 6 inches in height. Despite the Bali heat the cake stood tall towering amongst the guests as is was cut at the commencement of the after party.
  5. The reaction of Christian and Kat Bautista. Christian and Kat stood smiling and dancing over the cake as guests cheered and the emcee made a joke as Christian held Kat’s hand during the cake cutting that “this is the last time Christian will ever have the upper hand.” Guests held sparklers as the newlyweds cut the cake creating a picture perfect moment.
  6. It reflected the couple’s personality. Kat is a donut-lover and the couple wanted a cake that was non-traditional, delicious, and complimentary to their Bali celebration.


Photos by : Team Pat Dy 


Christian and Kat Bautista’s cake was created by Naked Patisserie, a specialty cake shop in Manila specializing in bespoke weddings and events cakes. To schedule an appointment for a cake tasting and sketching, call or viber +63 945 468 5141 or email them at Naked.Patisserie@gmail.com 

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