Tuesday Tips : Different types of gowns, to go for different types of Weddings.

Before the search for the best bridal gown will occur, it’s a must to first identify what type of wedding you wanted to achieve. Examples are, church, beach or garden weddings. There are different types of gowns that goes for different types of weddings. So for all the brides who still can’t decide on what design of the bridal gown will fit them most or will highlight their perfect curves, given that they already figured out what type of wedding they wanted to attain, then you can definitely check this feature to learn some more.

1.  Bridal gown for Civil wedding –  If you’re planning for an intimate civil wedding, then I’m sure this tea cup length ivory white bridal gown will be the perfect fit for you. The embroidered details of the lace gown gave us that simple yet sophisticated look. With its great advantage, that the bride can move easily and freely as the ceremony goes.

2.  Bridal gown for Beach Wedding – Since it’s a beach wedding, what I can suggest to the bride, is to choose a bridal  gown that is stylish and tasteful yet easy to maneuver especially while walking at the sand. So for a beach type of wedding here’s a cube type gown in long- back with polished lace details. This bridal gown is easy to maneuver and can go for any fashionable accessories the bride will prefer.

3. Bridal gown for Church Wedding – Our wedding is surely the day we can feel and look like a princess. Without a doubt, it’s every bride’s dream to walk the aisle wearing their long trail gown. So for this type of wedding, I can recommend a classic princess off shoulder dress with sheer deep neckline and cascading floral lace on a soft tulle skirt. You won’t just achieved that princess look but will ultimately be the most gorgeous girl while wearing this bridal gown.

4. Bridal Gown for Garden Wedding – It’s a lot easier to move at the grass more than the sand so opting for a long tail bridal gown will never be a problem. So for a garden type wedding, I can propose a classic A-line bridal gown with spaghetti straps. The spaghetti strap will surely highlight your shoulders, with the enthralling cascading floral details.

Bridal gown : Francis Libiran Bridal

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