An Ethereal Engagement Session

Thinking about your possible engagement session can be real stressful especially if there are a lot to choose from. Facing this trouble, the only solution I can come up with, is to do both of your concept. Just like what our couple did. They certainly lived their fairy-tale dream in addition to their laid back and casual theme, revealing both of their personalities; the classic and fun-loving one.

The brightness, attire and serenity of the place took us back to our childhood dream. Mel did not opt for a typical long ballgown, instead she used a soft ruffles collar tulle blouse paired with her black velvet in deep neck dress. The outfit gave us a quintessential look of a regal princess. Well of course Kiel didn’t let us down, he was able to manifest a dignified look wearing his suit. Together they both look like a royalty enjoying their castle, all thanks to Foreveryday Photography for their light and luster captures.

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