A Tasteful Chinese Wedding by the Sea

We’ve featured different types of Chinese engagements and if there’s one thing that will perfectly describe them that would be elegant. This time, we’re about to feature a more detailed and romantic wedding by the sea through the lovely takes of Joseph Bacalso Films & Stills.

For sure, Geof Lagria was able to produce that classic expensive mood with their deep red tone for the ceremony and reception decoration.  It was vibrant, it looks bold and snappy, totally catchy in the eyes. The bride’s attire looks stylish in a way that her outfit was like a mixture of a traditional and modern taste combined. Above all, the light and lustrous snaps were achieved, which made the celebration more intimate and delightful in a way.

Styling: Geof Lagria| Coordination : Carlo Abaquita | Hmua : Rizza Cincoflores | Photo : Joseph Bacalso Films & Stills |

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