Closing The Distance: An Engagement Shoot In Batangas

“Oceans separate lands, not hearts”, these are the words that perfectly describe the love between our lovely couple. Juris and Jewel have known each other since they were kids. Up until they graduated from university, they were inseparable. Everything was just fairy tale-perfect. Then for almost 6 years, they had to be in a long distance relationship. Being 18 hours away from each other, at best. Jewel shared with us that each time they got together, they would visit their most special place. A place where they feel the happiest. And that is the beach.

The beach represents their love story. How they managed to close the distance between them. Just like how the sky meets the sea, the heaven kisses the earth, and the ocean collides with the shore. And so, before we bid summer goodbye, we’re taking you on this lovely engagement session perfectly captured by GJ Esguerra Photography.

Photo: GJ Esguerra Photography | Location: Tali Beach, Batangas

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