Introducing the Newest Team in Town That’s Sure to Have Your Photos Beautifully Done

Born with the goal to reach out to more clients with varying personalities, Amady Manila is the newest addition to the growing family of the well-known Mayad Studios.

With a cohesive style and direction, they envision their team to be locally and internationally known and respected. As a team, they strive to be the instrument for creating opportunities for more couples to have their photos beautifully done.

The team is motivated to continuously share stories through creatively captured moments and memories created. They believe that every touch creates a memory. And a single memory is of great importance. After all, a memory is a language understood by everyone despite not being composed by a single word. And in Amady Manila, the stories they touch are captured from the heart, and every memory they share are kept for a lifetime.

Amady Manila prides itself in their core values – love, respect, commitment, and humility, which are all evident in their works. They’ve officially been established for only a few months but they have already captured and touched a lot of people’s lives. Check out some of their photos below:

Photos by: Amady Manila

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