BRIDE TALKS: Sposi Novelli

Bride talks is back and today we’re delighted to share with you our lovely bride’s memorable experience. Caren, our bride, wanted to talk about a fact that’s much less known by couples: that the Pope himself can actually bless your marriage. And as she said, we deem this information very helpful specially for newlyweds. Let us share with you the steps Caren and her husband took in having their marriage blessed by the Pope.

1. Read and research

First thing they did was to research and read online articles about “Sposi Novelli” (which literally translates to newlywed couples). Aside from this, they also read tips given by those who have already experienced it. All this started during the month of January.

2. Send a letter of request

Next thing they did was to send a letter of request. From Manila to the Vatican, it cost them Php 2,733 to send the letter. In her letter she stated that they are newlyweds and they wanted their marriage to be blessed by Pope Francis.

3. Apply for visa

By February, they have already received a positive response from The Vatican. The response in the form of an e-mail contained all the necessary instructions. Next thing they did was to apply for visa.

4. Go to the Vatican

Then finally, they went to the Vatican and claimed their tickets, following the instructions contained in the e-mail.

5. Go to the general audience

The fifth and final step was to go to the general audience and be blessed by the pope. She wore her bridal gown and her husband wore his suit to relive their bride-and-groom-feeling once more.

Check out their photos below:

Aside from being blessed by the Pope, they were also able to take home with them Pope Francis’ zucchetto, in exchange for the one they bought in Vatican.

We do hope that today’s feature will inspire and motivate soon-to-wed and newlywed couples. Caren also shared with us that by the time they got back to their hotel, they wore smiles not only in their faces, but also in their hearts.

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