Tuesday Tips: Choosing Your Prenup Stylist

After going through a lot of themes, you’ve finally decided on a concept for your prenup session. Next thing to ask is, who should we book to style us? Choosing your prenup stylist can be quite a tricky and big decision. You will let them conceptualize and style you for the duration of the shoot – which is why you need to really pick someone who will help you achieve the pegs you are going for. So here are a few tips on how to choose your prenup stylist:

1. Narrow down your choices by reading reviews

As the wedding industry is growing and growing, more and more stylists emerge. Needless to say, you will find a whole lot of people to choose from. To narrow them down, be sure to check out their social media profiles for client reviews. Checking their previous works will definitely tell you if they are legitimate or not, and if their clients were satisfied with their work.

2. Check their portfolio

Visiting their social media profiles to do a quick scan of their works will tell you if they’re the one to go for or not. Depending on your chosen concepts, some stylists just won’t fit your preferences. This is why it is important to browse through their other works first before booking them.

Styled by Geof Lagria | Photo by Nice Print Photography
Check out Darren and Geneve’s prenup session here.
3. Consider your budget

Different stylists offer different inclusions and with this comes varying rates. Be sure to check your allocated budget first and consider your venue – as some venues charge higher rates and some stylists also have out of town fees.

4. Choose someone you feel comfortable working with

Unless you personally know the stylist, chances are, you wouldn’t know what they’re like. But your initial conversation with them will already give you a hint on their work attitude. You will be working with them for a whole day – or more, so it is important that you feel comfortable around them.

5. Don’t overthink

At the end of the day, always remember that clothes and accessories are not the subject of the photos – they are definitely not the highlight of the day. Don’t stress yourself out with unnecessary details. Prenup sessions are not a hundred percent about the clothes you wear, or where you took the photos. It is about you, the couple, who love each other. And this will be reflected even without all the fancy little things.

Styled by Geof Lagria | Photo by Robo Formacion Photography
Check out Eugene and Farina’s prenup session here.

Your prenup session will not last for a long time, but the results will. Your photos will tell a story so make sure that you feel confident all throughout and let your love for each other stand out.

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