5 Reasons Why Nature is an Ideal Venue

There is almost nothing more breathtaking than a natural landscape. Whether the scenery is a mountain, the sea or ocean, or the forest, the beauty of nature and the timeless elegance it presents is hard to beat.

Here are 5 reasons why nature is an ideal wedding (or prenup) venue:

1. Less decoration, more time and savings!

Natural sceneries never get old. Since there are fewer decorations needed, you would save a lot of time and money. You only have to worry about a few flowers or other specific designs in mind. But usually, decorations in an outdoor wedding is almost always not necessary. So if you choose to do your wedding out in nature, you won’t be stressing about these anymore. And as they say, less is more!

2. Photoshoot ready!

The breathtaking views, the trees, the sky, the natural lighting, and the different colors nature offers, you won’t run out of options where to shoot your wedding photos. Imagine after 20-50 years when you look back to your wedding day, you will be proud to show how beautiful the photos were. It will truly be something worth remembering.

3. Intimate and Personal

Being outdoors will always offer something new depending on the season, day, or time. This gives a more personal memory of what happened to your wedding since it will always be different for each couple despite being in the same outdoor venue. It also gives you the freedom to bespoke everything for your special day. It also gives you more space and make the atmosphere more breathable for your guests.

4. Comfortable and Relaxing

The fresh air, the sound of the birds singing, the wind touching your skin – nature offers a serene ambiance which can create a peaceful, comfortable, and relaxing mood for you and your guests. Being more comfortable means everyone will have a more enjoyable experience. This also gives a more family-oriented vibe since children can easily be entertained by nature and won’t make them uneasy more than in an indoor venue.

5. Surprises from Nature

Since you are out in nature where there may be wildlife roaming around, you may get lucky to witness some special visits from beautiful birds, butterflies, or other animals that will surely give your special day an unforgettable and unique experience.

A couple’s wedding is not only celebrated, it also makes people appreciate the wonders of our world. It gives a value-adding, low-impact, and unique experience for you and your loved ones. And as we go back to our roots, it makes us realize how life can be amazing even without frills and extravagance.

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