Matthew and Aubrey : A Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar Wedding

Before finally saying “I do”, I think it’s a vital part to acknowledge first  what type of wedding you’re hoping to have. What is your concept and of course when will it take place. If you’re already done with this part then it’s time to proceed with the next step, and that’s how to stay different from the rest. In relation to this, allow me to exhibit the commitment ceremony of our today’s featured couple, Matthew and Aubrey, and how they we’re able to stand out and be different in their traditional Filipiñana Wedding.

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, become the sanctuary of this two beautiful souls as they exchange their wedding vows and promises in this heritage resort at the province of Bataan. Bright smile, twinkling eyes, love is surely in the air as each and everyone shed their tears witnessing this spectacular moment took place in front of their very eyes. Maybe what they say its true, You will know it’s true love if by simply looking at them can make you feel something special. The filipiñana wedding gown and “kalesa”, in this ethereal and romantic place certainly lived that princess dream we always imagined back when we were still kids. A captivating union, through the amazing lens of Myio Okamoto Photography.

Ceremony : Las Casas Bataan | Photo : Myio Okamoto Photography |


An Indoor Set-up In A Romantic Out Of The Woods Concept

Choosing between an outdoor or an indoor reception set-up is probably one of the toughest decisions you have to make. It’s like a battle between what’s more important, the beautiful scenery or the security and protection in case of an unexpected heavy rainfall. If that’s the dilemma you’re currently facing my dear readers, then I suggest why not a combination of both? An indoor set-up in a romantic out of the woods concept perhaps? If you’re still not convince about it, then stay a little longer and witness the coming together of our good-looking couple, Lewis and Kamille.

Lightning bulbs, fresh garden garlands, and a combination of bright and striking flowers were the main decorations that filled the reception of our today’s wedding celebration.  You can undoubtedly feel the tender, romantic feeling with a dash of drama by simply looking at their wedding photos. Besides that, the bridesmaids dresses were arresting, I love how the metallic blue dress compliment their bridesmaids bouquets. The color made the beauty of our bridesmaids stand-out, and not just them of course, can we forget the stars of this celebration? Lewis and Kamille looked absolutely dashing and stylish wearing their Francis Libiran couture. Myio Okamoto Photography, once more lived his expert photography skills as shown in the couple’s dainty pictures.


Venue : The Peninsula Manila | Photo : Myio Okamoto Photography | Video : Bob Nicolas | Coordination : Christine Ong Te | Flowers & Styling : Gideon Hermosa | Gown & Suit : Francis Libiran Bridal | HMUA : Jelly Eugenio | Lights and Sound : High Impact Events Enterprise | Band : 3rd Avenue | Emcee :  Sam YG |