Pau and Sab: A Beautiful Engagement and Wedding Story

This week may be stressing you out big time, but there are always ways to unwind and clear your thoughts. One example is by tuning in to our inspiring stories. Speaking of, why don’t we take a rest for a couple of minutes and take a quick trip somewhere else? At say cruising around the Persian Gulf? Awesome! We’ve got you covered as Team Benitez is so kind to let us take a peek at the engagement session in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. But if you think it will stop there, then you’re wrong. We give you a big treat today as we also let you witness the couple’s coming together. The team left for these cities in West Asia to helm the prenuptial shoot of the lovely couple, Pau and Sab, who looked very much into each other.

Team Benitez certainly took advantage of the picturesque locations by turning it into backgrounds for the voyage of the couple. Every wide shot with Pau and Sab along the road and the gulf sends chills down to our spine. Art inevitably exudes, we reckon! And we don’t forget about you, Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab. You’re both stunning, too!

Moving to the wedding meanwhile, Events by Miss P lent her hands to coordinately manage the main event. We can only imagine how challenging but rewarding it had been. At the same time, Team Benitez , once again, took part in making this wedding a success. Every photo defines depths. We love how they experimented the high contrast aspect of each photo to make it this crisp! Finally, we top it all with a cinematic narrative from Mayad Studios. They just proved here why they are regarded as one of the master storytellers in the wedding scene.

Coordination: Events by Miss P | Photo: Team Benitez | Gown: Jazel Sy | Engagement Session HMUA: Arjhay EN | Photo: Team Benitez Photo | Video: Mayad Studios | Gown: Jazel Sy Bridal  | Wedding HMUA: Toni Aviles

10 Best Ideas to Achieve the Perfect Mix and Match Bridesmaid Dresses

Another thing that many brides and grooms-to-be are concerned about while planning their weddings is the dresses to be worn by the entourage, particularly the bridesmaid. Aside from the wedding gown, photographer, and venue, the bridesmaid dresses are becoming more important than ever. Of course, who does not want to have a perfect-looking and Instagram-worthy entourage in your wedding? No one, right!? Hence, today, to illuminate your minds, we give you 10 of the best ideas for your bridesmaid dresses:

1. Mixed Metallics: First idea is to play around with the patterns and metallics. Sticking to a neutral color palette will keep the look classic. The colors and tones will definitely complement each other.


2. One hue in different tones: If only one shade bores you, why not pick one color but of different tones? There are several tones of each color, anyway, and it looks good when put side by side.



3. Two colors: Most couples, nowadays, pick two color motifs. These colors complement each other and won’t sore your eyes. If not sure about the colors that would match, then get your color wheel and look for the ones that are placed opposite each other.

Foreveryday Photography


4. White: Going for white bridesmaid dresses does not seem creative at all, but just imagine your entourage wearing all white, then it looks divinely beautiful.



5. Black: If you are not impressed with white, then why not go for a weirder choice–black. Not every wedding can pull this off, but going in for black color motif evokes class and style.

Brenco Creative Studios


6. Shades of Grey: Okay, if you can’t choose between black and white, why not choose grey instead? It balances the two colors, and choosing grey (and its different shades) for your bridesmaid dresses seems like the ‘in’ today.

Team Benitez Photo


7. Rose Gold and Glitters: Another common color motif, nowadays, is rose gold. And we can’t blame people either. Rose gold looks stylish and classic and it shines and shimmers.



8. Mixed Colors: If you are going in for some character in your wedding, why not dress your bridesmaids in mixed colors? Start with richer colors; make sure they look balanced next to each other. Layer in softer tones of the rich colors to bridge the gap.



9. Laced Boho: To make your entourage look more interesting, choose an eclectic-themed dresses. A bohemian look will perfectly suit any outdoor wedding.



10. Patterns: Texture is also always important. You may choose laces, floral patterns, tule, or even dresses with beads, sequins, or jewels. Your choice!