About Us

Merry to Marry is your ultimate guide to making your dream wedding come into fruition. If you are someone who dreams to become a PRINCESS BRIDE, a groom-to-be who wants to unleash the Richard Gere in you and RUNAWAY with your BRIDE, or a girl (or a guy) who is just plain believer of fairy tales, then this is the blog for you.

Consider us your WEDDING PLANNER as we feature the “It” weddings in town to give you great and unique ideas. Merry to Marry is here to help you style and glamorize your own wedding. We will even help you connect with the dream team who can be your fairy godmothers who will create that magical moment for you.

We know the stress and frustration that come along with planning the wedding. But this blog will make you realize that it must be fun and can be free from these WEDDING CRASHERS. Let us make your WEDDING DATE the most important day of your life—the day you say I do to the beginning of a new life together.

No need to be jealous of your BESTFRIEND’S WEDDING anymore. We are here to celebrate the beauty of weddings, especially YOUR wedding. We will take you from merry to marry.

About the Bloggers

Princess is a sassy and was once a lovely bride. As her name implies, she was able to make her princess-like wedding come true. She began her beautiful affection for weddings after her boyfriend of 10 years—on bended knees—proposed to her. Since then, she fell in love headfirst into the nitty-gritty of planning a wedding.

Princess was a marketing and publishing executive based in Singapore, she considered this blog as a preparation for her to tread the road towards her anticipated royal wedding, while inspiring like-minded dreamers to prepare theirs. On April 1, 2016, she also began the first and only online bridal fair site, www.weddingscape.com.ph, and established her very own The Weddings by Miss P to reach couples who need more help on wedding planning.

Junee is a living oxymoron who believes that marriage is not between a man and a woman, but between love and love. He is sheltered in the formidable corners of Romantic Idealism to the point that he regarded the movie “500 Days of Summer” as an antithesis. He is a hopeless romantic, in short.

He breathes music and jives to every beat. He reads books about mundane things. He is binge-watching Shonda Rhimes’ series. He is living life on both sides of the kitchen counter. And he is in the dreamlandia in between.

He’s currently based in Sydney, Australia taking Masters in Business.