Fringe Photography For The Offbeat Bride

October 24, 2016

It’s a great Monday indeed, loves. With this, we’re sharing a feature from Zandra Lim Designs‘ blog that will make your day even more beautiful!

Because being a classic bride doesn’t cut it anymore.

From selecting the ring, venue, the catering, invites, and most especially the dress—wedding preparation can really take you to a toll. And with that in mind, wedding trends change as frequently as season-to-season, which is why it’s so difficult to know exactly what you’re looking for. For a day that’s supposed to put the tone for the rest of your life, it sounds like a lot of hard work.

Fortunately, Icebox Imaging will inspire us in this edgy, opaque, yet sophisticated bridal photo shot. If you have a tough personality but has taste for sophistication, then your bridal style is something like Icebox Imaging’s vision. A modern bride like you adores chic, sleek, and sophisticated lines. If it’s visually appealing, dynamic, and trendy, it’s perfect for this fashion-forward bride. An edgy, sexy, and modern bride was Icebox Imaging’s inspiration in his masterpiece. And to make his art exceptional, Zandra Lim designed a bold and elegant dress, which accentuates the bride’s curves and assets. This dress allows the bride to stand out from the rest, without straying too far from the femininity and romance of a traditional wedding gown.

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Gown: Zandra Lim / Flowers: Dave Sandoval / Styling: Made by Lai / Photography: Icebox Imaging 

Thank You for the Love

December 31, 2015

As another year comes to an end, we want to look back at our journey. This 2015 has been great for Merry To Marry. We were showered with blessings, indeed. Our mission to inspire people is continuously being realized and we are grateful to our thousands of readers and followers all across the globe.

At the same time, our heart swells with brimful of happiness and gratefulness to all amazing wedding suppliers we featured this year, especially those who trust us and officially become our partners. Hence, before we bid goodbye to this year, we want to thank our partners for a fruitful year.

#ThankYouForTheLove A Magical Event by Marj Dizon. It has truly been a magical year for you. There will be more weddings to come that will be transformed just by a wave of your wand, wit, and class.

#ThankYouForTheLove Ram Marcelo, the newest addition to our family. Your significant experience in photojournalism will definitely lead you to different places to capture raw emotions of couples.

#ThankYouForTheLove Paper Project Photography. Your artistry is palpable, as seen on your modern, free flow take on capturing moments. For sure, blessings for 2016 will be free flowing, as well.

#ThankYouForTheLove Oak St. Studios. Your passion for photography leads you to take picture of the most candid moments. Every emotion is felt and this coming year, more emotions will be moved.

#ThankYouForTheLove Jed Calara, the supremely handsome photographer. You are now making a name for yourself after being under the shadows of other names. We cannot wait for you to grow even more to bring sheer joy with your vibrant and upbeat style.

#ThankYouForTheLove Zoombox Wedding Videos. Your creativity to capture the realest moments has been mind-blowing. We’re glad this creativeness was not boxed anymore and it is zooming out than ever. We hope those 5 star ratings will push you up.

#ThankYouForTheLove Hazel Gonzales of HG Studios, one of those people who trusts us from the beginning. We admire your undeniable talent and fearless personality. 2016 will be another great year for you as you will touch more lives with your brushes and flair.

#ThankYouForTheLove Vidlens. We are grateful to you for letting us taking a peek at every motion picture you create. There are more silhouettes of lives to film this coming year. Better be ready with your moving lens.

#ThankYouForTheLove Make Up By Jo Chan. You are true to your promise to meticulously and exceptionally create artwork, and it is evident to your laudable portfolio. In 2016, bring your brushes out and color the world.

#ThankYouForTheLove Daniel Talavera. You have crafted your skills to the fullest impeccably. Your subtle style will pay off even more and bigger next year, and that’s for sure.

#ThankYouForTheLove CamZar Photography. our favorite love team of photographers. You inspire us with your awesome talent and your formidable relationship. 2016 will become more wonderful not only for your career in the wedding scene, but for your growing family.

#ThankYouForTheLove Larry Leong, the architect of heartfelt moments. We are happy to see your great works and we certainly can’t wait what is in store for you this 2016. With your lens, protractors, and rulers, a lot of memories will be drawn and captured.

#ThankYouForTheLove Kanvas Inc. You are one of a kind in this arena. You keep the most precious moments in a canvass. And for 2016, more canvasses are to be filled with unforgettable memories.

Lastly, #ThankYouForTheLove our loyal followers. Your kind words are enough for us to continue and soar even higher. We are now seizing and claiming 2016 to be greater. We are looking forward to working with more like-minded individuals in inspiring and turning everyone from merry to marry. 2016, here we go!

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