5 Details You Should Take Note Of Erwan and Anne’s Wedding

November 14, 2017

Unless you are living under the rock, you should know about the union of Philippines’ It Couple, Erwan and Anne. It has only been two days since the wedding of the year, but we cannot still get enough of it. Therefore today, we scoured the net to find details. These are details we all should take note of if we dream of a coming together as dreamy and as intimate as this:

Photo from patdy11

1. Location: Erwan is part French while Anne is part Aussie, but both found success and love in the Philippines, the home country of their loving mothers. While Philippines, Australia, and France boast spectacular places perfect for weddings, the couple chose New Zealand instead. We think it was the best decision. The southern-most town of this country, Queenstown, has picturesque and paradise-like sceneries which have been great backdrops for this union. New Zealand is truly the last eden.

Photo from Patdy11

2. Shoes: Anne made a bold move by wearing platform shoes by Prada instead of the usual stilettos. We believe it suited the vibe and the atmosphere of the hilly location. Anyway, Anne is someone who can pull of anything so we’re not surprised. Anne has also been a fashion trender and icon in the Philippines, hence we won’t be surprised either if platform shoes would be popular wedding shoes.

Photo from Santiagoraymond

3. Lipstick: Did you know that Anne has recently launched her own makeup line called BLK? So where else is the best time to promote her product? None other than on her wedding day. Anne was sporting a customised lipstick that only highlighted her kissable lips. Erwan is indeed a lucky guy.

Photo from Rappler

4. Reception: All guests were taken to an unforgettable ride to the reception at Walter Peak via an olden steamboat. It is so classic that Nico and Solenn had to pull some iconic pose from Titanic.

Photo from metroweddingmagazine

5. Unplugged: The wedding was heavily attended by celebrities and social media influencers, but it was so refreshing to know that everyone put down their cellphones and cameras as requested by the couple. It was only Jim who was allowed to take photos!

3 Celebrity Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremonies That Will Make You Believe in True Love…Again

October 14, 2017

Wedding is arguably one of the best moments that a person will experience in his life. Imagine the unexplainable emotions that will fill the air while walking down the aisle, saying ‘I do’, and sealing it with a kiss. It’s magical. It takes only a day to hold the occasion, but the effect lasts forever.

However, couples who last longer deserve accolades because making one’s marriage work for a long, long time is a milestone already. Therefore, it is not surprising when couples celebrate this highlight by renewing the vows. Wedding vow renewal ceremony is not common but won’t hurt either if you do it as you relive the moments and feelings you once felt during the first wedding. Today, we show you three of the most relatable and memorable celebrity wedding vow renewal ceremonies.

1. Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres: This power couple renewed their vows after being married for 15 years in their hometown in Ormoc City. It was a simple event but a memorable one. After renewing at the church, the two squeezed in some time for a quick photo shoot at their abode before resuming their quests in one political campaign event in 2013.

2. Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos: On their 7th wedding anniversary, this A-list celebrity couple had their vow renewed before the presence of their three offsprings, family, and friends. This happened just a year ago and in a solemn beach ceremony in Batangas City. This well-loved couple just turned the so-called Seven-year Itch into Seven-Year Hitch.

3. Christopher Roxas and Gladys Reyes: This couple has yet to renew their vows in January 2018, but we’re calling it already to be an event we should look forward to. The couple met in Mara Clara, where Judy Santos played half of the titular-role, and since then their relationship had flourished. After 11 years of being boyfriend and girlfriend, the two got married. And after 14 years of marriage, the couple is ready to relive the moments and profess their love for each other once more.