Kate Spade x Keds Collaboration for Wedding Shoes

February 27, 2018

To those who do not find the ease and comfort of wearing high-heeled shoes to pair up underneath their glamorous gowns, and also to those who’s fond of high-heeled shoes, but equally want sneakers, here’s definitely the one which will fit you perfectly!

Kate Spade and Keds recently tied up and collaborated to do something which will provide ease and comfort to one’s feet on the wedding day. This one is down for the tiniest feet in the wedding party! The two well-known brand of shoes agreed and decided to make up numerous designs of sneaker that can still perfectly match every color palette of dress that a couple can come to think of. To still keep the glamour, they do not just have white sneakers to wear underneath those flowy dresses, but also silver, gold, and lots of colors to choose to!

Now that you already know about this good news, calm down. Hold your breath still, for it will be available on the nearest stores around you, soon!

Ethereally Rusticated Editorial

July 1, 2016

As the old adage says, “Many are called, but only few are chosen”. The much awaited collaboration of the most sought-after and trusted wedding suppliers in the metro today, is finally here and unfolding in right before our eyes. Together with Merry To Marry, we present to you an interesting editorial shoot that was masterfully created by the best suppliers to pique your minds and captivate your hearts.

Set in the mystifying backdrop of The Forest Barn is where this magic happened. Von Lazaro presents to us his breathtaking creations in this rustic-themed shoot ethereally styled by Moki Gray. Toni Aviles also stepped up to the plate and glamorized our models, Gabrielle Lagrimas and Moksha Alfonso. Also special thanks to Greg’s Fruitcakery Co. Ltd. for the cake that completed the whole look of the shoot. Lastly, this collaboration wouldn’t be possible without the careful coordination by The Weddings by Miss P.

This ethereally rusticated session will definitely leave you breathless as three wedding photographers showcased their mad talents just to give you this unique experience — three different styles, one overarching theme.

First, The Perfect Grey has taken advantage of the natural light to come up with these divine-looking outtakes. While rummaging through these, it looks like you are looking at the goddesses of the forest.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 13a 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Daniel Talavera, meanwhile, gives us great portraits that help us see the intricate details of the wedding dress. We also get to see how accents and accessories, however small that may be, can make this shoot a success.

DTP 00 DTP 01 DTP 02 DTP 03 DTP 04 DTP 07 DTP 08 DTP 09 DTP 10 DTP 11 DTP 12 DTP 13 DTP 14 DTP 15 DTP 16 DTP 17 DTP 17a DTP 18 DTP 19 DTP 20

Finally, Icebox Imaging brings us to a different mood. These crisp-textured photos gives you a warmer vibe which is suited for the mellow backdrop. It gives you drama and emotions.

icebox-1 icebox-6 icebox-5 icebox-4 icebox-3 icebox-2 icebox-27 icebox-26a icebox-26 icebox-25 icebox-24 icebox-23 icebox-22 icebox-19 icebox-18 icebox-17 icebox-12 icebox-10 icebox-9 icebox-8 icebox-7

Thank you, again, to all these dedicated wedding suppliers. Your hard works definitely have paid off. Kudos! Looking forward to having more editorial shoots with everyone.

Photographers: The Perfect Grey Photography, Daniel Talavera Photography and Icebox Imaging / Gown: Von Lazaro Design / Make Up: Toni Aviles The Make-up Artist / Styling: Moki Gray / Coordination: The Weddings by Miss P / Venue: The Forest Barn / Cake: Greg’s Fruitcakery Co. Ltd. / Model: Gabrielle Lagrimas