This Editorial is as Good as the Spring Season

April 16, 2018

Today’s feature will make your Monday morning bearable as we present to you a wedding editorial that seemingly blooms like flowers in the spring season. Yes, this editorial is so light and vibrant you will leave with the sweetest smile.Vital Image Photo confidently shares with us the images of the wedding shoot of Derek and Avi.

Vital Image Photo spearheaded the team of competent wedding suppliers to create this bright and hopeful session. Alden Raza of Arraza Events Stylist was the man behind the amazing wedding setup at Eugenio Lopez Center. The flowers truly gave life to the open setting and made this session come into fruition.

Photo: Vital Image Photo | Styling: Arraza Events Stylist by Alden Raza | Venue: Eugenio Lopez Center | Makeup Artist: Khriz Amadires | Hair: Gelo Cibrian


Tips: This Is How Your Wedding Preparation Schedule Should Look Like

February 7, 2018

You don’t need to be certified or even crash a short course in order for you plan your wedding. Unless you have a competent and reliable wedding planner to do that, you only need some project management skills to plot what needs to be done and when it should be accomplished. Today’s article will give you some valuable tips on how your wedding planning checklist should look like. Trust us, you don’t need a Gantt Chart (although it might be useful) to do this.

Photo by: Jed Calara Photography

12 months before the d-day: You should start envisioning and imagining how you want your wedding to be. Surf the Internet for pegs and wedding inspirations. But better yet, visit Merry To Marry for stories and suppliers that might pique your interest. Start plotting everything today!

Photo by: Myio Okamoto Photography

10 months before the d-day: Get your phone and start calling your preferred suppliers and venues. Start canvassing and asking for their rates and schedules. Once you get all information, weigh everything (budget, quality etc) in and decide. If you don’t book your chosen suppliers at this stage, then someone else will!

Photo by: Jed Calara Photography

8 months before the d-day: Start calling your ninongs and ninangs to let them know of your wedding! They are busy people as well so better lock the date in for them! Also, message your friends and your entourage as early as possible to let them know of your fast approaching event!

Photo by: Chestknots

6 months before the d-day: Meet your suppliers. Visit your church, the venue, and you might want to do the initial food tasting hereon. At the same time, shop materials for the dresses, accessories, and miscellaneous items you think you should get.

Photo by: CamZar Photography

4 months before the d-day: Finalise everything with your suppliers. Better check with them how it is going—flowers, cakes etc. Hair and makeup trial should be also be done at this stage. And better work your poses for your engagement shoot, honey!

Photo by: Foreveryday Photography

3 months before the d-day: Send the formal invitations to your guests and get their confirmation immediately!

Photo by: Myio Okamoto

2 months before the d-day: Attend any marriage counselling or whatsoever. You should also start writing your heartfelt vows so that you won’t rattle on the wedding day.

Photo by: Foreveryday Photography

1 month before the d-day: Call your wedding suppliers for final adjustments, and meet your entourage for any last-minute gown fitting. 1 week before the d-day: We know you might be stressed out by now but this is the perfect time to pamper yourself. Get yourself a massage or derma.

Photo by: Jed Calara Photography

A day before the d-day: Here you go! Take one final call with your suppliers and guests. Take a deep breath and enjoy the start of a new journey for you!

Photo by: Myio Okamoto Photography